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List of Government Quarters Allotted

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    List of Government Quarters Allotted
    Annexure-I Application Form for Allotment of Government Quarter418.84 KBswf-image
    Annexure-II Declaration Undertaking of Government Servant with regard to allotment of Government Quarter492.52 KBswf-image
    Form No 2 - Agreement Form for Occupation Report of Govt. Quarter with the Estate Officer, P.W.D. (Bldg.) Dispur.686.44 KBswf-image
    Senior Officer's Colony, Khanapara351.94 KBswf-image
    Games Village, Lalmati349.95 KBswf-image
    HIG Complex, Rukminigaon, Dispur257.39 KBswf-image
    HUDCO Complex, LIG & MIG Quarters, Rukminigaon778.87 KBswf-image
    Transit Camp, Khanapara184.87 KBswf-image
    JawaharNagar Housefed Complex1.06 MBswf-image
    Notboma Housefed Complex, Hatigaon1.81 MBswf-image
    Grade IV (D) Quarters, Capital Complex, Dispur429.85 KBswf-image
    Grade IV Quarters (M) Quarters, Capital Complex, Dispur2.55 MBswf-image
    Grade IV Quarters (New Colony) , Capital Complex, Dispur500.97 KBswf-image
    Grade IV Quarters (RCC Building) A,B,C & D438.27 KBswf-image
    Grade IV (S) Quarters, Capital Complex, Dispur729.47 KBswf-image
    VIII (Ministerial) Quarters, Super Market Complex, Dispur1.14 MBswf-image
    VIII (M) Quarters, Capital Complex, Dispur1.19 MBswf-image
    VIII (S) Quarters, Capital Complex, Dispur1.04 MBswf-image
    VII (M) Quarters, Capital Complex, Dispur521.32 KBswf-image