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Government Of Assam General Administration

Citizen’s Charter for General Administration Department

  • The General Administrative Department was created in 1950 for dealing with matters concerning improvement in the quality and standards of the general administration in the state by providing manpower, infrastructure and capacity building support to the Division, District and Sub-Divisional level administrative set up and monitoring of the administrative units at these levels. One additional mandate of the department is to look after protocol matters, logistic support to the State Protocol, to the dignitaries and people of the State, for welfare of Ex-Servicemen and Cinema Halls, by prompt disposal of protocol matters, matters relating to Celebration of National Days, State Ceremonial / States Functions, matters relating to accommodation in Circuit Houses and Assam Houses/Bhawans outside the State, matters relating to construction/renovation/ maintenance of Government quarters, matters relating to Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Assam and matters relating to the issue of license to Cinema Halls”. General Administrative Department is striving to achieve the same.
    This Citizen’s Charter is prepared with a view to enabling the client to achieve the services to be provided by the Department.


    To bring about improvement in the quality of the general administration in the state.


    Ensuring highest standards of efficiency, transparency, accountability and citizen-centricity in the general administration in the State through a holistic approach.

    You may download the detailed file from the link below.

    Citizen’s Charter for General Administration Department
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